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ETA+ is now member of the "Microsoft for Startups" program

Aktualisiert: 18. Juni 2020

In the course of the current COVID 19 crisis, Microsoft has launched the "Microsoft for Startups" program to help eligible startups in the areas of healthcare, sustainability and accessibility. ETA+ can now proudly announce its membership in this program.

Microsoft for Startups supports B2B start-ups in the areas of healthcare, sustainability and accessibility, with regard to technology and management. Microsoft enables qualified business models to provide access to free Microsoft cloud technologies, including up to $120,000 in Azure credit, as well as technical support and consulting. A dedicated Program Manager also helps to market and sell your solutions, as well as connect with potential customers, including leading corporations and non-governmental organizations.

The team of ETA+ is proud and grateful for this joint business opportunity, as it brings us closer to our vision of a sophisticated energy management and efficiency platform for buildings, to reduce emissions and energy consumption, save costs and thus protect our climate. Our goal is to our customers' properties (office buildings, public buildings & multi-apartment-houses) more sustainable through collecting, evaluating and implementing information of energy and building usage. In order to get closer to our goals and save our planet, we gladly accept offers of help, as growth and the current crisis is a challenge, especially for young companies and succeeds better in community.

If you want to know more about us:


If your company also needs this kind of support, more information to the program can be found there under the following link:

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