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ETA+ as a guest at The Swiss Swedish Innovation Initiative conference 2022

This year the SWII has come up with something very special: this year’s focus is Digitization - AI, Big Data, IoT & VR for holistic and sustainable industries & societies.

The Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII) is an industry partnership where Sweden and Switzerland, as the world's leading innovation countries, and their most research-intensive multinational companies, innovative SMEs and startups, and the best universities work together to create new world-class industry partnerships.

SWII is an industrial R&D partnering program with the objective to increase market oriented high-technology R&D projects between Switzerland and Sweden.

In 2022, ETA+ was also present in Zurich to raise awareness of the work being done in the building sector: how can CO2 be saved by using building and energy data?

ETA+ presented under this guideline the integrating, data-based NetZero platform for buildings, districts, smart cities and infrastructures, and along with it the Digital Twins methodology. This should lead to standardizing products and processes to reduce energy costs, reduce CO2 and increase profitability and efficiency of the real estate.

Monika Schürholz and Dirk Wittler, who were on site in Zurich for ETA+, considered the conference a complete success "Great event, like Swiss clockwork with Nordic charm, very good support, clear focus on the essentials, refreshingly professional and different than many German events."

“Meeting up with the most Innovative Swiss, Swedish and German SMEs, MNEs & research institutes and foster bilateral market-oriented research collaboration for creating sustainable and holistic solutions for forward thinking industries and societies is the right way forward.”

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