We help property owners and managers to

become net-zero.

Buildings and climate protection are inseparable: 22.5 million buildings in Germany consume 43% of all energy; 28% of it is used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. 

Therefore they are the largest energy consumer in Europe.

Our mission is to change that.

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With ETA+ we bring forth our answer to various challenges of a modern energy management system for buildings. It provides the potential to save up to 134 TWh (134,000,000,000 KWh) and approximately 46 million tons of CO2 equivalents - every year.

Join us to become part of something big.

Welcome toETA+ !


properties and owners would become environmental activists, interacting hosts, team players collaborating with neighbour buildings, competitors, self-sufficient and could act like intelligent beings.


What is ETA+?





ETA+ provides an Energy Management Platform for property owners, facility managers and tenants in order to save large amounts of energy and the subsequent emissions through intelligent energy management and customized solutions. These are individually available for:

- Multi-Dwelling Units | MDU

- Public buildings | schools, tax offices, etc.

- Office buildings

The product portfolio is complemented by solutions for generation, customer plants, eMobility, sensor and actuator technology. ETA+ becomes the heart and soul of your energy efficiency system and integrates existing systems and solutions.

How does ETA+


ETA+ creates digital and energy-related images,
Digital Twins, of real estate; based on physical building data and the integration of real existing technical inventory systems. Thereby we enable our customers to monitor, evaluate, analyze, control and optimize their property.

In this way, Digital Twins, under consideration of users and the physical world, create the ability to optimize and autonomously generate added value - which could be less consumption, higher efficiency of resources used, lower emissions of CO2 equivalents, as well as additional revenue from higher or additional rent and other income. It can be used to measure, analyze and optimize all energy flows in a building. In the future, buildings will collect and store data to determine, analyze and visualize information. Ultimately, efficiency measures will be identified, controlled and measured.


Why ETA+?

  • ETA+ represents a unique, cloud-native platform that combines great functionality with low running costs.

  • ETA+ offers an easy to understand interface that makes complicated data easy to evaluate. The digital management of different devices is more comfortable and time-saving than ever before!

  • ETA+ represents a marketable, cost-efficient solution for climate targets, supporting both, new and existing buildings.

  • ETA+ allows various uses, which can be adapted to your needs!

  • Most of the solutions of ETA+ are publicly eligible, respectively apportionable.

  • The products offer a high "value for money" through standardized processes and digitalization.


The functions of ETA+ at a glance


Endless potential

We enable transparency, analysis of your energy efficiency, energy savings, digital twins and CO2eq reduction. For these goals, we work faster, reasonably priced, clearer and more effective through explicit objectives. Therefore our solutions are easy to roll out and can be implemented as individual measures. They are functionally efficient with excellent user experience and create high customer value.



ETA+ comes with the certification for an EMS according to DIN 50001 which can be implemented independently of existing management systems or integrated into existing management systems. ISO 50001 was designed to be linked to other management systems, especially in the area of quality and environmental management.



Powered by AWS - exclusively in German data centres! This corresponds to the security level of the German Federal Police.


data protection

We adhere strictly to the DSGVO and do not sell your data to anyone. 

ETA+ colleagues work in the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) for the Smart Home Systems working group.

personal advice

Together we find the perfect solution for you or your company

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